Jungle Room

Welcome to our jungle room, a sweltering deal at $66 per night, which gets you an expansive 200sqm room, a glorious space to spread out your sweaty body and your surfing boards. Set in a lush jungle garden with native Yeahnahnesia “Maybe” flowers and foliage. This exotic hideaway is just what you need to melt your stress away. 10 steps to the beach and 5 steps to the bar. Each villa comes with Heatstoke Hotel robes, slippers and pool towels. No AC, Fan only, Sweating is good for you. Gonna make you sweat. Like only C&C music factory can.

$66 per night

Infinity Inferno Room

A deluxe 250sqm room that is leveled up from our jungle room, it has a similar exotic flavour only with more heat. All rooms are facing the deliciously wet, wet, infinity pool, wallow in the cool waters as you watch the surf roll in. We will deliver your fav cocktail to your face whilst you get lost in the psychedelic artwork created by Yok and Sheryo. Featuring trippy tile designs that flank the pool edge and inflatable sculptures that dissolve into magic Yeahnahnesia sunsets.

$666 per night

Beachfront Bonanza Room

As Nelly said it’s getting hot in here! Ball out with your own private villa, an exclusive 500sqm villa with no expense spared. Walk around naked on your 1000sqm land, skinny dip in your secluded little cove of paradise. Take a boat trip to mushroom island on your private boat (you may never come back). Put up a hammock amongst the coconut trees and make yourself at home, watch the sunset with a strawberry daiquiri and roll a fat one and forget what day it is, or week it is. Do some flower watching, mankini wearing or catfishing, whatever, we won’t judge. If you wanted to be treated like an exotic island chief this is the spot for you.

$6666 per night

︎Fan rooms available only. Air conditioners can negatively impact the environment in the same way that other machines that burn fossil fuels do: by emitting harmful by-product gases into the atmosphere. ︎Plastics is banned on the island.Government rules apply.There will be a fine for being a plastic asshole. ︎Influencers are also banned on the island. No reasons were given.